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Traveller Evictions, Squatter Evictions, Tenant Evictions, CRAR, Forfeiture of Lease and Money Judgment Services.

Ingram Enforcement is a nationwide enforcement business with over 35 years years of experience. During this time we have provided judgment creditors, property owners, commercial businesses, banks and credit card providers with effective enforcement services, litigation support and investigation services.

Our years of experience have enabled us to build a business delivering reliable, considerate and intelligent enforcement services. These include Traveller and Squatter Evictions, CRAR (Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery), Lease Forfeiture, Residential Property Evictions, Money Judgment Orders and all other High Court Enforcement Services.

Ingram Enforcement, Traveller, Squatter and Tenant Eviction Services

Traveller Eviction

Traveller Evictions

We have considerable success in evicting travellers from private land, parks, retail parks, business parks, recreation grounds and sports fields, working with the police, courts and other agencies to enforce your rights efficiently and effectively.

Successful Squatter Evictions

Squatter Evictions

Evicting squatters living in your premises can be a challenging and complicated process, so let us do the work on your behalf.

Tennant eviction

Tenant Evictions

Ingram Enforcement have been evicting residential tenants for many years and understand the legal procedure you will need to follow to take possession of your property, making this unpleasant task as painless as possible for both landlord and tenant.

Commercial Rent Arrears Collection (CRAR)

Commercial Rent Collection (CRAR) Service

Trusted, effective and professional commercial rent collection services for landlords.

Looking for assistance to help obtain commercial rent which is rightfully owed? Ingram Associates undertake the collection of commercial rent arrears on behalf of landlords to ensure a fast, peaceful and successful outcome.

Forfeiture of Lease

Looking to end a commercial lease and take peaceable possession of a property?

Forfeiture of lease is an effective way to regain possession of commercial property from a tenant who has rent arrears or unpaid insurance premiums.

Possession is taken when the property is unoccupied, usually at night or very early in the morning. If your case is urgent, contact us below for a response within 24 hours.

Forfeiture of Lease service

Money Judgment

Money Judgment

Fast, Effective and Cost effective

Enforcing a money judgment in the High Court is one of the most effective ways of enforcement.

Upon successful enforcement of your judgment, the Defendant pays our fees thus avoiding you unnecessary further expense.

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