Squatter Eviction

Evicting Squatters

Evicting squatters living in your premises can be a challenging and complicated process, so let us do the work on your behalf.

Our enforcement team are High Court Enforcement Agents (HCEAs). They enable us to enforce your County Court Order by transferring it to the High Court for enforcement purposes. Once in possession of a High Court Writ of Possession we can swiftly evict the squatters from your property, regardless of the number encamped. We are highly experienced in squatter evictions of all sizes so you are in good hands!

Successful Squatter Evictions
Successful Squatter Evictions

How to evict squatters

We work closely with lawyers, the courts and police to provide a professional “painfree” squatter eviction service.

Acting quickly and decisively is critical when evicting squatters from your property.  Instruct us today and our team can commence proceedings to obtain a Writ of Possession as a matter of urgency, to enable us to enforce the same, thus protecting your property from serious harm. We have been helping commercial and private property owners for over 30 years and can ensure the squatters are removed and vacant possession of your property is regained.  Squatting in private property is a criminal offence. In this event, the police should remove squatters immediately.   We can still help with the process should it be necessary.”

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