Tenant Evictions

Tennant eviction

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Fast, Effectual, Residential Tenant Evictions

Ingram Enforcement have been evicting residential tenants for many years and understand the legal procedure you will need to follow to take possession of your property, making this unpleasant task as painless as possible for both landlord and tenant.

As a residential landlord you will first need to obtain a Possession Order from the County Court. When this is obtained, you will need help transferring it to the High Court for enforcement purposes before obtaining a High Court Writ of Possession. This will enable our High Court Enforcement Officers to evict your tenant.

County Court Order for Tenant Evictions

At the time of obtaining your County Court Order you will need to obtain permission from the County Court to enforce your Possession Order in the High Court, enabling our High Court Enforcement Agents to take immediate action for the effective eviction of your tenants. We can also recover monies owed to you too, providing this is added to your County Court Order when making an application.
Tennant eviction

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